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Freeswitch, Linksys SPAs and Anonymous Calls

We have several customers (ourselves included) using Linksys SPA VOIP Phones. The only major issue with these phones is how they deal with Anonymous calls. When an anonymous call comes through even if a Caller Name is set they won’t show it and instead just display Anonymous Call. We often use the Caller Name to display what queue the call is coming from or in one case a Virtual Receptionist setup what customer the callee has called.
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Freeswitch Callcenter SMS Alerts

We recently deployed Freeswitch as our phone system. We are using mod_callcenter to manage our call queues. I wrote the below php script to send out an SMS alert if a call is sitting in a queue and there are no agents logged in. We are using Clickatell as our SMS gateway however you just need to modify the sendnotification function to a different provider. Just change the globals variables at the top to make it work for your setup
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Install Freeswitch on Centos 6

NOTE: You can now install Freeswitch on Centos using yum:

We are currently working to replace our current phone system. After tossing up between Asterisk and Freeswitch we decided to go with Freeswitch mainly for its stability and performance over Asterisk. We are running it on Centos 6. Below are the steps required to get it up and running.

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