Hosted Exchange Replacement with DBMail, Postfix, Roundcube and Z-Push – Introduction

With the recent news about how deep the NSA spying actually goes we wanted to see if we could actually pull back from the cloud. We host our email with Gmail for Business and have setup numerous customers using it as well. We also have customers using Office 365 which suffer similar problems, issues over data security.

This series of posts is to see if we can setup a comparable product to Google Gmail for Business/Office 365. The main features we want to replicate are a decent web interface, Outlook integration and Push email to devices. While we could using Exchange and host it internally if we want to offer it to customers in the future the pricing of SPLA makes it cost prohibitive.

We will be using the following:

  • DBMail – DBMail allows storing of email of in a relational database. While I won’t be worrying about redundancy by using DBMail you can setup database replication to make the email store high availability
  • Roundcube – Roundcube provides a nice open source web interface to access emails.
  • Z-Push – Z-Push is an open source active sync tool. It allows pushing of emails from DBMail to mobile devices and Outlook
  • Postfix – Postfix is an open source email server. This will handle routing email from external sources to DBMail.

In our case we won’t be using our main domain but our domain as it is less mission critical. We are also using Centos 6 for our servers.

Posts in Series