Deploy Microsoft Client Side Extensions (CSE)

When Microsoft released Server 2008 they had extended Group Policy to allow for a bunch of new things. These include mapping network drives and installing printers from within group policy removing the need to make a login script. For these to work with Windows Vista and XP a plugin called Client Side Extensions needs to be installed. Deploying these extensions can be done a number of ways including WDS and WSUS. However if you don’t have WDS configured updating clients with WSUS can take time we needed a way to do it the moment a computer was connected to the domain so we wrote a login script to do it. This script only works with Windows XP 32 and 64bit however you could easily extend it to work with Server 2003 and Vista.

For the script to work you just need to change the directories below to point to the update locations. It does require XmlLite to be installed so it tries to install that update first.

@echo off
echo Installing Hotfixes

IF EXIST "c:\temp\PrinterDrivers.txt" goto end

ver|find " XP " > nul

IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto WinXP

goto end


Set RegQry=HKLM\Hardware\Description\System\CentralProcessor\0
REG.exe Query %RegQry% | Find /i "x86" > nul

If %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto x86
goto x64
goto end


\\fs1\Newcastle\IT\WindowsXP-KB915865-v11-x86-ENU.exe /quiet
\\fs1\Newcastle\IT\Windows-KB943729-x86-ENU.exe /quiet

goto end


\\fs1\Newcastle\IT\WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914783-v10-x64-ENU.exe /quiet
\\fs1\Newcastle\IT\Windows-KB943729-x64-ENU.exe /quiet

goto end

IF NOT EXIST C:\temp\ MD C:\temp
echo done > c:\temp\PrinterDrivers.txt
 echo Done